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Some community members believe this confusion arises from those unfamiliar with the concept or having only a sketchy or distorted awareness; comparing it to psychiatric cases such as lycanthropy and dissociative identity disorder, and concluding that in order for someone to state that they identify as an elf or gryphon, they must be experiencing a form of hallucination or delusion.Contrary to stereotypes which have been perpetuated, most who identify as otherkin are fully aware of their biology and human existence.Otherkin are those who believe that their physical forms do not define or fully encompass their mental states, personality, psychology, or spiritual nature.First appearing in use on the Internet on April 18, 1990, the word was coined when a member of The Elfinkind Digest, Torin, "got tired of typing elf/dragon/orc/etc.-kin and just used otherkin" as shorthand.Later, associations with other creatures became common, including unicorns, gryphons, dragons, angelics, and demons; as well as "non-living" types such as golems and other inorganics.In time, some people also began to describe concepts for beings which were derived from mythological archetypes, though having unique qualities; fully undefinable or one-of-a-kind kin types appeared as well.

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We've more singles coming very soon and then we'll have our debut album out by the end of the year!

Asides from that we're gonna be on the road non-stop; we plan on playing all around Europe and hopefully our first few shows in America too. Absolutely insane stuff, our singer Luke grew up a stone's throw from Slane Castle and would chew the ear off anyone willing to listen about how he'd one day play there.

It's a huge gig for us, and we can't wait to play such an iconic venue with such a legendary band.

Our first festival outside of Ireland was playing the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading & Leeds, and that really was the start of the madness.

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