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) belt which drives the alternator/power steering pump etc but these don't need changing until about 150k if I remember rightly.

Thanks .The Duratec engines in the Mk3 don't have cambelts they are chain driven so nowt to worry about They do have an Auxiliary (is that how you spell it?

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if its a mk3 then its a cam chain so only ever needs changing if faulty ( same for the water pump really ) the aux belt ( that runs the water pump/AC/alternator/steering pump ) needs replaing at 150 or 10 years on these engines & the tensioner/idler just need changing if rattling ( which can be common if your unlucky ) to maintain the timing chain the best you can simply use good oil & change it at proper intervals ( every 12.5k miles or 12 months or sooner if you wish to ) & then thats about as much as the chain needs unless its got a problem.

the mk3 engines can go on & on if looked after well, my mota is a 2001 with 137-138k miles done & its still going strong & returning great MPG's etc & there is a motor or 2 thats on here/been on here thats still going strong even though there is 206k miles done.

Full service (plugs/air filter/pollen filter/fuel filter) is about double that.

One thing worth checking is the brake fluid, which should be replaced every 3 years, but which is often ommitted, particularly by non-frnachised garages. Bin_Man contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature The nice thing about Marmite, the really GREAT thing about it, is that if it gets stuck in customs for four years, goes well past it's use-by date, becomes rancid and the bacteria develop to a point where a system of local government is in place, they have free housing for bacteria with families, all the little bacteria go to school and the more inquisitive bacteria have invented both the digital watch and Corby trouser press - it will STILL taste absolutely FOUL !!!!

Not sure if it still 18 euros but I think it's a dam site cheaper than ford to do the same thing If you can not find the card with the numbers on ford have them on there system I hope this helps and good luck driving like its nicked Hi Been onto Ford today and they dont store the code on their system as they on made by them supposedly.

hi i have recently bought a 51 plate mondeo ghia x 2.0 has done 89000 miles and has not yet had a cambelt change ? The goods news is that all MK3 engines are chain driven, so no belts to worry about.

would you advise to change the cambelt /pulleys etc? You also don't need to worry about the water pump - they can be changed if and when necessary, but are robust and not prone to failure.

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