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27 a 28, [1933]Kandler; Gigon; Beck; Steubing; Schmidt; Kappen; Kreeb; Cernusca; Bornkamm: Beiträge anlässlich des Rundgesprächs Ökologische Lehrveranstaltungen im Rahmen der Tagung der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft 1976 in Zürich, 1976Kapp, E.; Schaefer, R.: Un biotope original en Alsace : Le Bruch de l'Andlau (B-Rh). -D.; Evenari, M.; Buschbom, U.: Seasonal and Diurnal Courses of Water Relations of the Arido-Active Plant Hammada scoparia in the Negev Desert, 1975Kawai, I.: Systematis Studies on the Conducting Tissue of the Gametophyte in Musci : 2.When God flew over Yakutia as he inspected the world he had created, so the legend goes, it was so perishingly cold that he dropped all his treasure from his frozen palms, scattering this Siberian region with untold riches of diamonds and gold.The territory of Siberia extends eastwards from the Ural Mountains to the watershed between the Pacific and Arctic drainage basins.It stretches southwards from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and to the national borders of Mongolia and China.As early as the 11th century Russians from the Novgorod Republic had occasionally penetrated into Siberia.In the 14th century the Novgorodians started exploring the Kara Sea and the West-Siberian river Ob.Contiguous exploration in Eurasia and the building of overseas colonies in Russian America were some of the primary factors in Russian territorial expansion.

It is the right time to think of travelling here: the government of Yakutia, which administers an area that covers almost one-fifth of the entire Russian Federation, is finally clutching the moose by the antlers and actively improving infrastructure for tourists, believing that the travel industry, as much as its world famous diamonds, are the key to its future. The region - with its 'Road of Bones' - is notorious for the Gulags build by Stalin.

As our guide pointed out: "This is our history, and we must never forget it, indeed it is a tour we offer for people to see the remains of the prison camps where so many people lost their lives.

There are people who come here to see the place where their relatives lived out their last years.

Following the settlement of East Slavs in the Russian Plain in the middle of the 1st millennium BC, through the next thousand years, most of European Russia came into the sphere of Slavic cultural and political influence, and finally became a part of the Russian state.

From the 11th century on, a group of Russians which settled the shores of the White Sea and became known as Pomors ("seaside-dwellers") began navigating in the freezing seas of the Arctic Ocean, gradually developing the first icebreaking ships known as kochi.

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