Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim dating and text messag

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She was his fourth spouse and queen consort between their marriage in 1978 and his death in 1999.Queen Noor is an international public servant and advocate for cross-cultural understanding and conflict prevention and recovery issues such as refugees, missing persons, poverty, climate change and disarmament.Widower Carlos, 70, who is also a friend of the late King Hussein of Jordan’s widow, beautiful Queen Noor — they lost their spouses in 1999 within a day of each other — was one of seven billionaires invited by Lynn to meet Tony and Cherie Blair at Downing Street three years ago to raise money for the Tate Modern.

She actually met King Hussein while working in Jordan on the development of the Amman Intercontinental Airport. Since summer of 2008 she is reputed to be having a romance with the Mexican Carlos Slim the 2nd wealthiest man on earth.She has also worked closely with the United Nations and other international organizations to address global challenges in these fields.Queen Noor of Jordan was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby (Arabic: الملكة نور‎; born 23 August 1951 in Washington, D. She was born an American of Syrian, English, Swedish, and Scottish descent.v=B0m Mo Tzm Vq QThe Real Sarah Ferguson with Princess Diana Imposter Farah There are numerous famous people, political and celebrity that you don't see for the longest time, and then you see them and you hardly notice them...wonder why?When they don't resemble who they supposedly looked like before...yeah, like this..they look like mutants because of the surgery to make them look like the people they replaced.

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